Please find below a list of works that are available for professional or amateur performance, with cast sizes and a synopsis. Sample scripts are available by request. Please note, no performances of a play can take place unless a licence has been obtained.


“An intriguingly-constructed and smart horror drama” (The Reviews Hub); “An utterly compelling tale of Victorian terror” (Horror Hothouse); “A mesmerizing play” (Lamp Magazine)

1m, 1f. In December 1876, the crew of the remote lighthouse at Skerryvore disappeared. The only witness was a young girl called Mary Campbell. 23 years later, she is mesmerized so she can recall the mysterious events. But all is not quite as it seems…


(published by Methuen)

“A rich and droll drama” (Financial Times) “A spirited Gothic chiller” (Daily Express) “genuinely exciting” (Time Out)

2m,2f. A Victorian-set ghost story. A scientist and a spiritualist reluctantly join forces to exorcize a troubled house of its ghost.


(formerly Stagefright)

“Genuinely spooky, delightfully erudite and ultimately moving” (Mark Gatiss, writer and producer of Sherlock and Doctor Who) “This play could become a favourite” (Times) “A superb blend of tension and humour” (Theatreworld)

2m. At London’s Lyceum, something malign and vengeful is stirring. To prevent its triumph, England’s greatest actor-manager Henry Irving and his personal manager Bram Stoker must unravel the mystery that resides at the heart of their own theatre.


(published by NX Books)

“Illuminates the humanity of its main characters…a history lesson with a difference” (Hastings and St Leonard’s Observer)

8m, 4f. The play tells the story of the Norman victory at Hastings via the interweaving patterns of friendship and conflict, showing the protagonists’ journey from childhood to battlefield.


(published by Occasional Publications)

“Michael Punter’s sensitively observed script contains some excellent moments of light and shade” (The Public Reviews) “A dark World War 2 comedy” (Remotegoat)

2f. In the final days of World War 2, Adolf Hitler’s secretaries reflect on how they came to be who they are, then plan a daring escape from the Bunker.


(published by Faber Stagescripts)

“This extraordinary play by Michael Punter…part-thriller, part-history, part magical realism” (Sunday Times) “An intriguingly thoughtful comedy about chance, history and freedom” (Glasgow Herald)

4m,2f. In the eastern European republic of Byaravia, recently freed from its appalling tyrant, a pig-farmer and his daughter hope for salvation. But who is the stranger who falls from the sky, and will he help the community or bring about its destruction?



2f,1m. Two girls, one English and one Iranian, reflect on a wild friendship growing up in the ‘80s as one of their lives hangs in the balance. An epic for three actors, with music by Mahler and Duran Duran.



2f,2m. A search for extra-terrestrial intelligence in south London brings an elderly couple into the company of two strange young people. As evening becomes night, the forces that have drawn them together become frighteningly apparent.



“A fascinating portrayal of an exciting period of theatre history” (Simon Russell Beale) “A good opportunity for young actors to experience a genuine theatrical event” (British Theatre Guide) “Shows a playful theatrical awareness and a keen sense of the historical importance of the Renaissance theatre” (Festmag, Edinburgh)

8m,8f. A historical epic that takes us from a mystery play to the first performance of Doctor Faustus in London, in the company of Christopher Marlowe, Edward Alleyn and their entourage of extraordinary actors and writers.

TRIBE: A Victorian Fantasy

“It’s just the most amazing fun to perform, like a comic or graphic novel come to life!” (Company Member, Sussex Downs College)

9m,9f. Inspired by the work of H G Wells, Tribe depicts the journey of a Victorian scientist and his daughters as they make landfall on a strange Pacific island where the laws of nature are being twisted and transcended. Includes opportunities for dance, physical theatre and mask work.



“…rapt silence from the young audience. A testimony to the skill of playwright Michael Punter” (Oxford Times)

2m, 1f. Two children investigate the neighbourhood haunted house, but encounter the story of a London evacuee in World War 2 and his troubled relationship with the woman who cared for him. Can the children help both of the house’s ghosts find peace?


“Brilliant and riveting entertainment for children and adults alike” (The Stage)

2f,1m. Two sisters relocate to their uncle’s seaside boarding house and discover his secret showbusiness history. When one of the sisters discovers a French ventriloquist’s dummy in a closet, comedy chaos ensues for all. Includes the text of Omlette: Prince of Denmark, from the French original of that name.